Fork Lift sprayer – Brine, Ecothaw, Liquid de-icer, Salt & Salt Spreader



Fork Lift IBC Sprayer - Brine, Ecothaw +, Liquid de-icer, Salt, Salt Spreader.

Our Fork Lift IBC Sprayers have been designed to spray liquid de-icers however could be used to spray virtually anything, if you have any particular requirements let us know as it is likely we can help.

The sprayer turns up as a assembled unit ready to go, just attach it to your IBC and connect the power lead to the battery (These units are designed for 12v systems, 24v units available on request) and your ready to spray de-icer across your yard, car park, roadway, pavements or where ever else you may want to spray it.

This is the ideal solution for small yards where you have a fork Lift or bigger yards where you have a winter maintenance contractor but want a cost effective back up that your own personnel can use.

We recommend using this sprayer in conjunction with our IBC’s of Ecothaw + due to its enhanced performance, low application rate and superb residual properties. If you order a IBC of Ecothaw + at the same time as the sprayer there will be no delivery charge for the sprayer.

Also available:

  • Vehicle kit so the IBC can be put in the back of the vehicle and the spray system attached to the back of the vehicle.
  • Pedestrian area kit so steps and walkways can be easily treated.
  • Multi zone vehicle kit, for treating at faster speeds and larger areas.


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